Apr 17, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

First-Year Experience

All entering first-year students are required to complete the First-Year Experience (FYE) Course. Students select an FYE Course section from those offered in their first year, typically in the spring semester. Most students will take the course in their second semester on campus. In rare circumstances, students who are unable to complete the FYE Course in their second semester on campus (e.g., due to an Emergency/Medical Leave) must complete the course in the immediate next year in which they are on campus and the FYE Course is offered, even though they may no longer be first-year students. Transfer students are exempted from the FYE Course completion requirement.

The First-Year Experience Course is graded on an S/D/F basis. Completion of the course is necessary to meet the FYE Course completion requirement. Grades of “D” or “F” will satisfy the completion requirement; however, this will likely prompt the Committee on Academic Standing to issue an academic warning, at minimum. The FYE Course may not be repeated, making grades of “D” or “F” final. Per the S/D/F grading policy, grades of “D” or “F” are calculated into the term and cumulative grade point averages.


FYE 100 FYE: Connections .5 credits

The First-Year Experience Course empowers students to develop skills that will contribute to their academic and personal success during their time at Grinnell and beyond. The course provides opportunities for engaging in discussions about personal sustainability, respect, personal and cultural conceptions of identity, living in a diverse community, and using identifying resources. The course helps students learn both how to reflect inward as well as how to have productive conversations across difference. Prerequisite: Open to first-year students only.  STAFF