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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SST 200 - Creative Careers: Learning from Alumni

2 credits (Spring)
Cross-listed as: HUM 200  and SCI 200 .   This course is sponsored by the Wilson Center for Innovation and Leadership. Alumni with significant careers in the humanities, social sciences and sciences return to campus to talk about the ways that they shaped their successes and learned from their failures after graduation. Leadership and career-focused readings together with discussions with 18 or more alumni will help students think creatively about their possible futures. The second goal of this course is to help create a multi-generational network or community of Grinnell alumni, faculty, and current students in order to enhance our potential for changing the world to promoting the stewardship of Grinnell College.

Prerequisite: None.
Note: Plus-2 option available for Social Studies and Humanities only.
Instructor: Caulkins