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2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HIS 295-01 - Special Topic: Jewish Life in Europe

1 credits (Fall)
Cross-listed as: REL 295-01 . This short course will focus on Jewish life in Europe from the 17th century through the present day to examine the claim that “the modern age became the Jewish age” (Slezkine) and how this transition could only be possible in the context of European history - from the most distinct “other” in European societies to the present day construction of Jewish hybrid identities. We will discuss themes such as the relationship between cultural/ethnic diversity and nationalism, the development of modern anti-Semitism, and the question of minority rights within a majority society. The course will in particular examine the crucial role of German Jewry for these European phenomena, but will also include discussions of British, French, and Polish-Russian Jewish experiences. The process of cultural transfer of ideas and practices within European Jewry and the impact of these developments on the American Diaspora and Israel in the 20th century will be examined as well. The instructor is an Associate Professor of European History on the DIS Program in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Prerequisite: HIS 100  or second-year standing.
Note: Dates November 7 to November 26. Short course deadlines apply.
Instructor: Staff