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2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GLS 304-01 - Postcolonial Performance (Spring)

4 credits Spring
Cross-listed as: THE 304-01 . An exciting theatre genre developed during the last half of the twentieth century as former British colonies struggled for independence. Anglophone postcolonial drama addresses nationhood and individual identity. This course includes foundational theory, African works (some addressing apartheid), Caribbean economic neo-colonization, and Maori, Australian and Canadian Aboriginal performance. It explores Scottish and Irish nationalisms and what it means to be an immigrant to the colonizing center, London. Using films and play texts, we will focus on the ways issues are addressed in both forms and contents of this new performance.

Prerequisite: A 200-level literature course or theatre and dance course.
Instructor: Delmenico