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2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SST 295-03 - Special Topic: Creative Careers: Learning from Alumni

2 credits (Spring)
This course, sponsored by the Wilson Program in Enterprise and Leadership, focuses on the anthropological idea of career as the trajectory of personal identity within communities or social networks. We will examine cases studies of 10 Grinnell alumni who have developed significant careers and made a difference in the government, non-profit, and business sectors. These alumni, with diverse majors in all three divisions, will visit class to tell their own stories so that we can learn about their opportunities, decisions, and learning as they constructed their careers. This course is also an opportunity for you to reflect on your next steps in your own career, by considering some of the possible directions that fit well with your personality, interests, and skills.

Prerequisite: One course in social studies (Anthropology, Education, History, Economics, Sociology or Political Science).
Note: Dates: January 31 to April 25. Half semester course deadlines apply.
Instructor: Caulkins