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2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre and Dance, B.A. (results in Theatre, B.A.)

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Theatre and Dance

   Member of the Division of Humanities


Lesley Delmenico


Kathleen Hurley
Ellen Mease
Celeste Miller
Craig Quintero
Justin Thomas

In the practice and study of performance, the Department of Theatre and Dance at Grinnell is committed to high standards of artistic expression and creative scholarship within the context of a liberal arts education. In the expansive fields within our department, students study the literature, history, and theory of theatre, dance, and performance. We also study the practices of performance making, those of design, acting and directing, dance and choreography in European, American, postcolonial and other non-Western forms.

The major provides rigorous training in the analysis of performance forms in all of our classes. This provides a set of analytical “ways in” that students can apply to any of the texts (written or performed) with which they engage in all of our emphasis areas. These methods are predicated on understanding social, political, and historical contexts, and the ability to use theory to ground specific examples and forms. Our program coheres around a shared theoretical and methodological approach to the creation of performance in theatre, dance, and the multiplicity of cultural forms of identity-making (including sports, rituals, festivals, spectacles, and everyday life).

All of our students will graduate knowing how to read and critique texts and to interpret them for performance and will be prepared for graduate study as well as professional programs. As one successful recent graduate commented of her studies, “I couldn’t learn everything there is to know about theatre at Grinnell, since it’s a liberal arts institution. But I learned how to learn.” This will continue to be the foundation for students within the multiple pathways in our discipline.

Major Requirements: A minimum of 36 credits

Required are:

200 level: Performance , Theory, Criticism, and History: 8 credits

200 level: Focused primarily in Creative Inquiry: 8 credits

300-level: Two courses or 8 credits

Practicum credits: 4 credits


  • At the 100-level 4 credits in at least three of the following areas: Theatrical performance, choreography, dramaturgical research, directing, stage and production management, performance technology, and performance crew
  •  or
  • Two credits of THE 205 - Dance Ensemble  plus two 100-level credits in other areas. 

Additional Information

A maximum of 4 credits in Independent Projects (THE-397, THE-499) may be applied to the 36-credit major.


To be considered for honors in theatre, graduating seniors, in addition to meeting the College’s general requirements for honors, must demonstrate an underlying commitment to the discipline above and beyond simple completion of the classes for the major. This commitment is evidenced by excellent performance in class, sustained activity in department productions, and an Independent Project (such as a MAP 499).

Theatre and Dance Course Descriptions


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