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2012-2013 Academic Catalog 
2012-2013 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HUM 290 - Film Genres

4 credits (Spring)
This course will examine the theory, criticism, and history of film genre. We will take a comparative approach, analyzing the stylistic and narrative conventions of specific genres, and their relationship to culture, race, sexuality, gender and national identity. We will discuss various film genres, including the musical, screwball comedy, melodrama, and film noir. The objective of this course is to explore the question of genre through a range of theoretical rubrics (structuralism, psychoanalysis, feminism and ideological criticism) to address both the social implications and aesthetic properties of cinema. This course requires weekly screenings (usually two films per week) along with the assigned class reading.

Prerequisite: HUM 185  (previously offered as HUM 211).
Note: Plus-2 option available.
Instructor: Geller