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2012-2013 Academic Catalog 
2012-2013 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MUS 101 - Practicum: Performance Ensembles

1 credits (Fall and Spring)
The study of musical repertory, technique, and expression through regular ensemble rehearsals and public performances. One credit is awarded for each participation in a musical organization directed by the department.  A maximum of eight practicum credits may count toward graduation. Does not count toward music major. Practicum may be repeated for credit.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
Note: A maximum of 16 credits in Music 120, 122, 220, 221, and 420 will count toward graduation. Credits in Music 101, 120, 122, 220, 221, and 420 may not exceed a total of six in any one semester. Students should note that Music 101, 120, 122, 220, 221, and 420 are included in the 48-credit maximum in the department. S/D/F only.
Instructor: Staff