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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

East Asian Studies Concentration

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East Asian Studies


Eiren Shea

Students concentrating in East Asian Studies work in areas across the Humanities and Social Studies division, focusing on language, culture, history, religion, and society. Participation in an off-campus study program in East Asia, broadly conceived, is encouraged. As a further requirement of the concentration, students are expected to complete a four-credit interdisciplinary capstone research project drawing from experience in at least two different disciplines, and demonstrating ability to apply East Asia-specific linguistic and cultural knowledge to a problem of broader intellectual significance.

Concentration requirements: 24 credits as follows:

Part 1: Language Requirement: 4 Credits

Completion of one course in Chinese or Japanese beyond the 221 level (or equivalent).

Part 2: Core Area Requirements: 12 credits from the following (with at least 4 credits taken in the Chinese & Japanese Department required):

China or Japan Focus Requirement: At least 8 of the 12 credits from Part 2 must focus on the language of the course taken in order to satisfy the requirement of Part 1. (Example: a student who chooses to satisfy the Part 1 language requirement by taking a course in Japanese must then take two additional courses from Part 2 also focusing on Japan.) The 4 remaining credits to be earned in Part 2 must focus on East Asian language or society that is not the student’s primary focus within the concentration. (Example: if the student’s focus is China, at least once course on Japan must be taken.)

Language and Culture

History, Religion, and Society

Part 3: Comparative/Transregional Requirement: 4 credits from the following:

Students will be expected to concentrate their studies on one or more East Asian societies to the fullest extent possible following prior consultation with the course instructor. (Example: completion of one or more papers, and/or a major research project, focusing on East Asia.)

Part 4: Capstone Requirement: 4 credits from the following:

The Capstone project, to be developed in collaboration with the student’s EAS advisor, must additionally be presented to the EAS concentration committee and other members of the Chinese and Japanese Department.

  • XXX 397 - Independent Study
  • XXX 399 - Directed Research
  • XXX 499 - Mentored Advanced Project


i) Not all courses are offered annually, and some courses may require additional prerequisites for enrollment. ii) No course can be counted toward more than one concentration requirement. (Example A: if a course is used to satisfy the language requirement for Part 1, it cannot also be counted toward Part 2. Example B: if HIS-271 is taken as a Japan-focused course, it does not also satisfy the comparative/transregional requirement.)

East Asian Studies Courses

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