Jun 05, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies B.A.

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Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies

   Member of the Division of Humanities


Celeste Miller


Lesley Delmenico - Senior Faculty Status
Benjamin Farrar
Kathleen Hurley
Amanda Lee
Ellen Mease - Senior Faculty Status
Karie Miller
Craig Quintero
Dewa Aye Eka Putri
Jennifer Shook
Justin Thomas


In the Grinnell College Department of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies, students develop as artist-scholars who are learning and practicing an integrated and holistic approach to making performance. We value a balance of knowing and doing, collaboration, active pedagogy, invention, multiplicity and diversity, experimentation, humane practices and welcoming EVERY BODY.

Productions and performances, as well as scholarship about them, are placed at the center of what we do as a department. Learning in the classroom leads to and informs performances, and is informed by what is learned on stage and in the process of production, in a cycel of reciprocal advancement. 

Major Requirements: A minimum of 36 credits

Required are:


4 credits minimum with 2 credits minimum of Live Performance (100 or 200) and 2 credits minium of Production Process (101 or 201)

100-Level: Live Performance Practicum (Introductory Level) 1 credit

  • THD-100-01: On-Stage Live Performance
  • THD-100-02: Backstage Live Performance
  • THD-100-03: Stage Management

101-Level: Production Process Practicum (Introductory Level) 1 credit

  • THD-101-01: Production/Directing/Choreography/Dramaturgy
  • THD-101-02: Production Design
  • THD-101-03: Production Management and Artistry

200-Level: Live Performance Practicum 2 credits

  • THD-200-01: On-Stage Live Performance
  • THD-200-02: Backstage Live Performance
  • THD-200-03: Stage Management

201-Level: Production Process Practicum 2 credits

  • THD-201-01: Production Directing/Choreography/Dramaturgy
  • THD 201-02: Production Design
  • THD-201-03: Production Management and Artistry

Note: THD 203 Dance Ensemble/ACTivate  can replace 2 credits of THD 100, THD 101, THD 200 or THD 201.

Core Courses


To be considered for honors in theatre, dance and performance studies, graduating seniors, in addition to meeting the College’s general requirements for honors, must demonstrate an underlying commitment to the discipline above and beyond simple completion of the classes for the major. This commitment is evidenced by excellent performance in class, sustained activity in department productions, and an Independent Project (such as a MAP 499).

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